Promotional Lanyards

Identity card lanyards, VIP lanyards, promotional lanyards, staff lanyards, event lanyards, swipe card lanyards and a whole lot more. Whatever the question is, there’s a good chance that one of our lanyards are the answer!

Not only are there lots of uses for lanyards, there are also range of branding options available to suit any style or budget. Which makes a lanyard from Kan ideal for all kinds of marketing campaigns. From simple one colour, screen printed lanyards, to full coverage full colour lanyards. We can even supply woven lanyards, where the logo is part of the material of the lanyard. Perfect for high quality lanyards at A-list events.

Experts in Promotional Lanyards

No matter how simple or complex your needs, our lanyard experts can guide you through the process and give you all the advice you need. Together, we make sure that you get the right lanyards for your client, at the right price for you. As well as our standard lanyards we can offer a complete customisation service. Need a longer than normal lanyard? How about a shorter version? We can cover any variation that your customer might be able to think of!

Attachments for Promotional Lanyards

When it comes to lanyard attachments, we can supply quick release clips, ID card holders, mobile phone clips and even bottle holders. If you don’t like things too standard we also have a range of lanyard clips for you to choose from. Which means you can create exactly the right look for your client’s company or event, as well as making sure they do the right job.

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Eco-Friendly Promotional Lanyards

If you want to ensure you are minimising your impact on the environment, we have got you covered there too! We can supply lanyards made from recycled PET or bamboo fibres. This soft and strong material is made from a fast growing, sustainable source which is also biodegradable.

Our standard lanyards are made from flat woven polyester, 900mm long in total with a variety of widths. They come with a dog clip and safety neck-break as standard.

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