Tigstick Powerbanks

Tigstick Power Banks

Just imagine if your client’s brand was the one that saves the day every time you run out of power. There aren’t many ways for promotional products to leave a more positive impact than that!

Our portable devices are great for keeping us connected while we are out and about. But that makes it even more annoying when they start to run out of power. Our power banks are there to solve this little annoyance of modern life, and to boost your client’s brand at the same time.

With a range of styles, colours, branding options and capacities you are sure to find a product that fits your client’s brand perfectly.

And all with next to no effort on your part. We can fix you up with mock-ups, proofs and all the technical details you could want. Just get in touch and let us help to make your job easy.

Further information, including technical details, can be found on our unbrandedĀ Tigstick Power Bank product pages.

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