Aspen Kraft Paper Bags

Plastic bags are increasingly seen as bad for the environment today. If you need a cost-effective, good-looking alternative to plastic bags, our Aspen kraft paper bags may be just what you are looking for.

Kraft paper bags can be made from recyclable and sustainable sources and are easy to recycle. They just need to be put into the recycling once they are finished with, and everyone has a recycling bin! All of which helps to give your client’s brand great environmental credentials. Get in contact with our branding experts to talk about the options, and let us help your clients go plastic free.

Branding Options

Kraft paper bags can be supplied in brown or white. We can print our kraft paper in spot colours or full colour CMYK, giving you all the options you need to get that perfect look. A simple one colour print on a ready-made stock bag can be with you in super-fast lead times. Full coverage, full colour prints take a little longer as the bags are cut and glued after printing. But the extra wait is worth it, as the end result looks amazing!

For longer runs, kraft paper bags are often branded using the flexographic print process. Learn more about the printing process, its strengths and of course its weaknesses, in our guide to flexographic printing.

Flexographic Printing Guide

Extra Options

Our latest range of Aspen kraft paper bags also have some extra options that really make them stand out. You can add a gloss laminate that helps to make the print really pop! Or swap the standard twisted paper handles to cotton or PP rope to make sure you get all the details just right for those demanding clients.


We can offer a range of sizes too. From bags just the right size for your lunch, all the way up to bags that are perfect for carrying a whole day’s shopping back to the car.

Take a look at the technical details below. Get in touch if you have any questions at all, and let us help to find your client the perfect printed paper bag.

Standard Aspen kraft paper bags are available in brown or white paper from 80 to 120gsm. They have twisted paper handles in the same colour as the bag. Stock overprinted bags have a set print area and can be printed in spot colours only. Bags which are printed then cut and folded, can be printed full coverage and full colour. Lead times vary depending on stock availability. Option extras such as gloss laminate and alternate handles will incur extra charges and may result in longer lead times.

Send your clients to our unbranded Aspen kraft paper bags page so they can see the details for themselves.

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If the Aspen is not quite the bag you were looking for, take a look at our other kraft paper bag styles. We are confident we can find you the perfect bag!

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