Pine Kraft Paper Bags

Looking for a way to help your clients go plastic free? Our printed pine kraft paper bags might be the perfect thing!

Our Pine bags are a simple flat paper bag. They are available in white or brown kraft paper, but with a hidden bottom gusset. That helps to make sure there is plenty of room for putting things inside the bag. You can choose from a range of sizes to cover all sorts of uses, and top them off with twisted paper or paper tape handles. Just to make sure you get a grip on the whole situation.

Pine Kraft Bag Printing Options

When it comes to branding, the flat design of the Pine kraft paper bag means full coverage printing is easy. Whether you only need a single spot colour, or a full colour image, we can get the look just right for your client’s next campaign.

You may need to be a little careful with printing on brown kraft paper as the paper colour can affect the colours used. And that’s just one of the things our branding experts are here to help you with. Or you can learn more about the process with our guide to flexographic printing.

Flexographic Printing Guide

If you want to help your client to keep on top of their environmental image, kraft paper bags could be just right for you. Sustainable sourcing, easy recycling, and of course great looks. That’s what our Pine kraft bags are all about. Help our planet by helping your client go plastic free!

Pine Kraft Paper Bag Details

Standard Pine kraft paper bags are available in white or brown kraft paper. Minimum order quantity is 1,000 units. Handles can be twisted paper or paper tape in brown or white to match the bag. Other colours may be available subject to stock availability and minimum order quantities.

Pine Kraft Paper Bag Sizes

The Pine kraft paper bag is available in a range of sizes, so that you can get the perfect fit for your needs.

  • Small – 300 + 100 x 210mm (W + G x H)
  • Medium – 360 + 120 x 250mm
  • Large – 400 + 150 x 305mm
  • X-Large – 460 + 150 x 410mm

Your clients can view the details of our Pin kraft paper bags at our unbranded site.

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Of course the Pine might not be perfect for your client’s needs. Our kraft paper bag range might have just the thing.

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