Hot foil printing

Hot Foil Printing

Add a spot of class to your bags.

Hot foil printing is a simple effective way of adding a quality feel to any bag. The process prints an adhesive foil onto the surface of the bag. Available in a wide range of colours, from standards like gold and silver, to copper, and even fluorescent colours. Because the foils are made from an opaque film, they can be printed over any other colour. If you have a dark paper, or a full colour print, you can still add a hot foil!

Hot foil printing requires an extra printing plate to be made for each foil colour. After any other other printing is completed, the bags will be run through a press to add the hot foil. Once this is completed, the bags are folded and glued.

The plates are a fixed cost based on the size of plate required. There is also an extra cost per bag to cover the foil and the printing time. These can vary based on size of print, foil type, and lead time so please get in contact for more detail.

Please speak to one of our friendly sales team to discuss all of the options we Kan do for you!

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