Tigstick USB Extras

USBs are useful as they are, but what if you want to turn a standard item into something special? That’s where our extras and accessories can help out.

Butterfly USB with magnetic box, lanyard and keyring

Presentation Boxes

It’s the first part of the package that you see, and it shows how much value you place on what’s inside.

That’s why we offer so many box options. From a standard white card box through to our metal tins, we can offer just the right box to fit with your client’s campaign. Want to keep things simple? Need to show off the item inside? Or perhaps you need the box to be a part of the message too?

White Card Box

White Card Box

The simplest of our extra packaging options. A simple white card box which gives extra protection to the USB. It can also be used to keep extra accessories safely with the USB. We can also print to the box if required.

Magnetic Plastic Box

Magnetic Plastic Box

The translucent plastic box with magnetic catch makes your USB feel like they something a bit more than a cheap freebie! The padded interior is cut to fit the exact style of USB and can also leave room for extra accessories.

Magnetic Card Box

Magnetic Card Box

Being able to print the whole surface of the magentic card box just adds to the high quality feeling of this premium box.

Metal Box Open 1

Metal Tin

The metal tin is definitely the hardest wearing of all our premium packaging. It could well be the best looking too!

Clips & keyrings

Clips and Keyrings
Being able to keep your USBs close to hand can make them much more useful. Our range of clips and keyrings mean that the USB can be attached to keys, bags, lanyards and anything else that you might be keeping with you.


Keeping your USB around your neck helps to make sure that it will never go missing. Our lightweight 5mm lanyards come with the right attachments to connect to most styles of USB.

Of course, if you want something a bit larger, maybe more colourful and above all brandable, you can choose something from our full range of lanyards. With a full range of options including, spot colour print, full coverage CMYK print and even a selection of clips and attachments, you can match your client’s brand perfectly.

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USB 3.0 Upgrade

Our USB memory comes with USB 2.0 chips as standard. It’s the ideal combination of compatability, speed and price. But there are times when your USBs are going to be used for regularly moving large files and other applications where speed of access is important.

That’s where USB 3.0 comes in. It may cost a little extra, but with data speeds an average of three times faster than USB 2.0 and a theoretical maximum of ten times faster, they can definitely be worth it.

You will need to make sure that your devices have USB 3.0 ports (look for the blue tab in the port!) to see the full benefits. But don’t worry, USB 3.0 memory still works in USB 2.0 devices, it will just fall back to the slower speed.

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