Evergreen Bag

Introducing our brand new eco-friendly paper bag, the Evergreen.

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The Evergreen bag can carry more than 25 kg (110 gsm paper). It has an inherent strength five times more than that of regular kraft paper bags, making it comparable to plastic bags.

The Evergreen bag’s durability means that it is not single use like many paper bags, but can be used time and time again.

The unique paper construction can stretch by up to 20% and is resistant to tears. The long fibres used also mean the bag will not lose its shape when wet.

As well as being strong the Evergreen bag is soft to touch, which gives it a fantastic look and feel, especially once printed!

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The Qualities Of Plastic With The Benefits Of Paper

  • The heavier paper (110gsm) can carry around 25kg. This is around five times stronger than a standard kraft paper bag and so is more like a plastic bag in terms of strength.
  • This inherent strength means that it is sturdy and long lasting so can be used many times.
  • The paper can stretch up to 20% (compared with 3-7% stretch for ordinary paper) giving it flex, which in turn reduces tearing compared to a standard kraft paper bag.
  • The long length of the fibres means it retains shape, even when wet.
  • The way in which the paper is milled and manufactured gives it a soft, smooth texture, feeling more like cloth than paper.
  • The Evergreen bag incorporates the best features of both paper and plastic bags – it is environmentally friendly yet is also strong, durable and looks good:
    • Being around 30% lighter, as well as thinner, it provides efficiencies in storage, shipping and handling.
    • The materials are sourced from sustainably managed forests, further adding to the product’s eco-credentials.
    • The unique technology used in the production of Evergreen bags reduces water and energy consumption, relative to that used in ordinary paper manufacture.
    • The bags can also be fully recycled along with cardboard.
    • 95% of the raw materials are biodegradable and the wood fibres are biodegradable under industrial composting conditions in accordance with EN13432.

This product provides a fantastic alternative to other paper and plastic options currently on the market.

Available in three sizes, all with internal, flat tape handles.

Width (mm)Gusset (mm)Height (mm)Weight (mm)

Minimum order quantity: 100,000.

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