Spot Colour Printing

Spot Colour Printing

Our luxury paper bags with spot colour print, give you accurate colour over large print runs, with options for a wide variety of special inks.

Because each ink in a spot colour print is mixed to a particular shade, accurate colour matching can be achieved and repeated across large print runs. Not only that, but metallic inks, fluorescent inks and colours that just can’t be produced by the CMYK process can also be included. No more worries about how accurately the final product will match your client’s corporate identity!

Of course, if you need a full colour image, we can use CMYK plates as well. Up to 6 individual colours can be printed on a single run. Which means we can combine the perfect Pantone colour with a photographic image to ensure your brand is represented exactly as you want it.

Spot colour prints are generally produced using lithographic printers. The same process used for high quality magazines and brochures. Set-up needs to be done carefully and takes some time, but once it is done, printing is fast and accurate.

Vector artwork is generally preferred for spot colour printing but CMYK images can also be used for full colour prints. Set-up costs include plates for each colour, which will vary based on print area. Then there is a charge for each sheet printed which can vary by size and ink coverage. Contact us for more details and an accurate quote.

Please speak to one of our friendly sales team to discuss all of the options we Kan do for you!

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