Stay Home, stay apart, wash hands, wear a mask, control the virus

Please remember that face masks mainly provide protection from outgoing germs. Please do NOT reduce other protective measures – continue to wash your hands and practice social distancing.

The use of face masks promotes social distancing and the exhalation of droplets are reduced. Wearing masks correctly (tightly fitted, not dangling so it is easy to eat, drink or answer the phone) is essential. You should wash your hands BEFORE you put the mask on and after you take it off. Note you will on average touch your face 3x more when wearing a mask, so wash those hands!

Confused about FFP3, KN95, KN98? We can supply these but they offer extra protection for patients or NHS teams where critical, and are used by professionals in paint shops and other hazardous situations. So that leaves us with surgical 3ply, homemade cloth masks or FFP2.

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3 ply Disposable

Surgical 3-ply mask

There are four types of 3 ply masks: General, Type I, Type II or Type IIR. Please keep the Type IIR for the NHS and don’t increase demand unless you need to. Type IIR has a mild moisture resistance. Type I & Type II are also NHS items.

The general, Type 1 or Type II are simple three layers with a wire over the nose, worn with the folds downwards. The effectiveness of a mask is determined by how you put it on and the number of layers. With both these points in mind they can offer 60-90% protection.

Please follow NHS guidelines for reuse.

Packed in 50s at £0.43 per unit – plain blue no branding.

Homemade – Re-useable & branding opportunities.

Homemade mask

These are unproven and therefore can not state their reduction of filtration. But the higher the weave the better the protection! So four layers of a simple bandana is good, but three layers of t-shirt or scarf is better. Cotton or cotton blend is considered the best. These masks are ideal for the public as they can be reused with a hot wash in detergent or soap that leaves no residue.

Packed in 10s and priced per 1K units printed CMYK at £2.49 per unit.

FFP2 the equivalent of N95

FFP2 mask

These masks are moulded for a better fit and contain 4 layers. As a result FFP2 masks can offer >= 94% protection.

Priced from £2.18 per unit.

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