Premium Hygiene Pack – For Her

Our convenient hygiene packs have been designed to help combat viruses and bacteria. While the Covid-19 virus is the main enemy, we can strengthen our overall levels of good health by fighting harmful bacteria at the same time.

The Premium Hygiene Pack leads the charge with:

  • Sanitiser gel for the hands.
  • Disinfectant for careful wiping and cleansing of office tables, door, handles, computers and all other surfaces.
  • Air Purification for the surrounding air.

It’s these three products that will guarantee a clean environment and peace of mind. Using them will help you keep your hands and your workspace clean and hygienic. You’ll feel safer and re-assured. You’ll be calmer and more productive. 

The hygiene products in these packs can help to limit the spread of Covid-19. They are useful for Drivers, Health Workers, and all other key workers.

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Other essential products included in the pack:

  • A pair of disposable nitrile gloves – Essential on public transport.
  • A soap bar. Whilst using sanitiser gel is effective, it’s washing your hands with soap for 20 seconds which is essential. You must do it on a regular basis.
  • A pack of 3 PLY tissues. Handy and convenient when you don’t have access to a bigger box of tissues.
  • X 2 screen wipes. Highly effective anti-bacterial wipe for cleaning lenses, computer screens and smartphones.
  • x 3 Refreshing wipes. Ideal for freshening up.
  • Dental kit: Personal hygiene is at the top of the list right now and it just feels good to have it.
  • 3 plasters and a wound cleansing wipe – Ideal to significantly reduce the risk of infection if you get a small cut or abrasion.

The contents of Premium Hygiene Pack are manufactured in Europe to the highest standards and are extremely effective. WE ARE UNCOMPROMISING ON QUALITY AND EFFECTIVENESS.

Premium Hygiene Pack - For Her

Pack Contents:

5Hygienic cleansing wipes, 65% alcohol.
130ml bottle of alcoholic DEEP CLEAN
disinfectant surface cleaner. (Propanol and Ethanol
as active ingredients.)
170% Isopropyl alcohol swab/wipe.
3Assorted sterile plasters.
1Pair of Nitrile Gloves
1Tissue Pack of 10 units 3ply.
2Anti-microbial screen and lens cleaning wipes.
2Refreshing wipes.
1Refreshing unisex cologne. 8ml.
1Soap bar15 grams.
1Liquid soap sachet. 8ml.
2Shower gel 15 ml x 2 flow packs.
1Dental Pack – Toothbrush, Dental cream sachet
and Mouth Wash Elixir 8ml.
1Shower Cap
1Vanity Kit – Nail file, x3 cotton pads and x2 cotton ear buds. 1x Sanitary pad. 1x Body milk sachet. 1x Comb. 1x Sewing kit.

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Premium Hygiene Pack – For Her

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