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According to the staff at Kan, here is some of the best work we have done!

We hope that these will let you see what is possible if you let your imagination run away with you. With a bit of inspiration, (and of course a partner who knows how to turn an idea into an object!) your branding can be uniquely, eyecatchingly and memorably you.

Wristband USB

Wristband USBs

Wristband USBs are one of those simple ideas that just make good sense.

USBs are nice and small and really handy to keep with you. What could be better than making them into something that you can wear?

And then of course you can add a message and your branding to make them memorable and make sure your customers keep them around for a long time to come.

A colourful, useful, product that people can wear wherever they go? Sounds like a marketing masterpiece to us!

The wristband USB is made of a flexible, comfortable PVC and can be printed in spot colours or full colour CMYK print as shown here.

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Bespoke Luxury Bag

A specialist, fabric coated paper, eyelets, a gift tag and hot foiling. Classy and understated.

Sometimes you don’t need to reinforce your identity so much as make a statement about it. The logo is there of course, but its the luxurious paper and the small details that really bring home the message on this bag.

Its worth remembering that its not all about having the largest logo in the brightest colours!

Fabric covered paper, eyelets, Pantone matched PP rope handles, white foil overprinting.

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Luxury Bag - Fabric coated Paper

Bespoke PVC USB

Custom Made USBs

This is Boris. Boris started out as a mascot on letterheads. But with a little effort, we managed to turn him into something a little more solid!

Lots of companies have a mascot, and quite often, they stay just that. A character that sometimes gets used to make your paperwork look a little more friendly.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way! When Boris was bought to us all we had to go on was a flat drawing. It didn’t take long to make him a little more 3D, get some samples made up and bring him to life.

Of course the fact that there is a fully functional USB memory stick hidden inside just gives more reasons to keep him around. Which means that this is a brand which is definitely going to be remembered!

Bespoke PVC moulded USB memory stick. We were supplied with some images and turned them into this memorable and useful device.

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Full Colour Plastic Bag

High quality, full coverage, full colour print can really make your brand pop.

There are a lot of plastic bags in the world. If you want yours to stand out (and be used again and again) you have to do something to make them a bit less run-of-the-mill.

Well you don’t get more eyecatching than an all-over print in full colour. With a laminated finish so that you don’t get ink all over your hands, and an image as detailed as you can handle, these are definitely worth keeping around.

High quality, full coverage, full colour print.

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Full colour, full coverage plastic bag

Luxury Bag with Hot Foil

Luxury Bags with Hot Foil

A small detail can sometimes make all the difference.

You’ve got a great design, that represents your brand and sells your message, but it just needs that little something extra. Hot foil printing is just what you need.

Its only a small thing, but it adds such a lot to the look of your project. Its not just ordinary any more!

This example also adds gold rope handles and a wonderfully detailed full colour design to make something that really sticks in the mind.

Luxury bag with full coverage print, hot foil and gold rope handles.

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