Digital Artwork Guide

Digital printing carries a different set of challenges to lithographic printing. Let us give you an insight into things that work, and of course some things to avoid, when preparing artwork for a digital copse bag.

Digital prints are great for photographic images. Images with lots of colours, or lots of tones. However, they aren’t as good for large areas of flat, dark colour. These areas can sometimes look a little uneven, or might even have a hint of stripes. You might need an expert eye to see it, but it may not be what you are expecting.

This can be avoided by using gradient fills, a textured pattern or lighter colours.

Digital Flat Colour

Large areas of flat colour can appear slightly uneven.

Because the bag is printed before it is cut and folded, you can print on every part of the bag. Heavy ink coverage, such as very dark colours use a lot of ink and this can affect the artboard it is printed on and the laminate that then covers it. In crease areas particularly, heavy ink coverage can sometimes lead to the laminate pulling away from the artboard.

This can be avoided by taking note of the quiet areas marked on our templates. Thin lines, text and some lighter colours will not be affected, but large areas of very dark ink should avoid these areas if possible. If you are in any doubt, we will do our best to advise the best way to get the right result for you.

Digital Lifting

Left: Small amounts of print won’t cause problems. Right: heavy ink coverage can lead to the laminate lifting.

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